Website and Server Monitoring Tool

2758740151_a63ed81347 Website and Server Monitoring Tool Still remember my server was down! down! down? After migrated to another server, it is running fine now for the pass one month.

How to get notify immediately when your Website or web hosting server is down? Is it impossible for you to check and refresh your Website 24 hours right? Here the Website and Server Monitoring tool come.

Service UpTime Monitoring Tool

I know there are lots of paid server monitoring tool available. As you know, I like Free Things. So, I’ve found a free Website and server monitoring tool – Service UpTime.

Register an account at Service UpTime for free. Login to Add Service, means the Website and port that you want to monitor. There are many services you can monitor, HTTP, SMTP, POP, FTP, etc. To monitor your Website uptime, just choose HTTP (port 80). It will keep repeat to check your Website every 30 minutes. Once the Website down, it alert you via email.

2759580544_b4d3333da1 Website and Server Monitoring Tool

Its quite a lot of limitation in free version. But I think it is enough for what I need. The free version allow you to monitor 10 Websites or servers. That’s quite a lot!

To get notified via SMS to your mobile phone, upgrade to premium account.

My two cents

It is good to setup Website monitoring for your blogs. Not only help to evaluate your web hosting provider service. Also allow you to rectify the problem with technical support once error happen. Can you imagine your blogs down for hours when you are sleeping? Not only loss traffic, but also money!

Is there anymore free Website monitoring tool that you want to share with us? Please comment below, I would like to hear your opinion. icon_smile Website and Server Monitoring Tool