Web Mobile OS – Mozilla Firefox OS

How many if you still using Mozilla Firefox Browser? I believe not many. Even myself are using Google Chrome for long time now.

Mozilla has contribute a lot in web technology in the past 15 years. And now is time to move forward it’s Web technology to another platform – Firefox OS!

8511671633_a5b6faf06f Web Mobile OS - Mozilla Firefox OS


Mozilla Firefox has develop their own Web base OS in Mobile industry. Mozilla Firefox OS is rival to Android and iOS. I believe it will fun in the future of Mobile OS party with the join of Firefox OS.

Firefox OS is build on Web open platform. Entire OS made on HTML 5 and other open web standards. Best is it is Free!

First few mobile to promote Firefox areĀ Alcatel, LG, and ZTE and Huawei. Expect to see in the market later this year. I’m looking forward to review Firefox OS when it is in the market! icon_wink Web Mobile OS - Mozilla Firefox OS