Warning to Advertlets publishers !

advertlets-web Warning to Advertlets publishers !For all Advertlets publishers, please be aware of click fraud penalty !

Recently there are few Advertlets publishers' account has been temporary suspended or disabled due to dishonest click on Advertlets advertisement. If you noticed, Advertlets just upgrade their click fraud detection engine from beta 1.5 to beta 1.75. With this upgrade, they able to perform 6th iteration with over 34 detection algorithms.

As mentioned in Advertlets website, publishers' account will be freeze if

- The blogger has been clicking on his/her own ads (click fraud)

- The blogger has been asking visitors to click on his/her own ads. (invalid clicks) Full story here

My two cents

If you want to success in blogging, please be honest and nothing is free without hard work ! What do you think ?


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