Upgrade WordPress Theme and WordPress 2.3.1

If you did follow my posts, I might looks like slowing down on posting on these few weeks. But I am actually not! I am working very hard to customized my new theme based on Soveryn 1.0 and upgrade my wordpress to version 2.3.1 at once. This is really a painful experience, because so many scripts and plugins need to test. Furthermore, to customized a new theme that fit my need is not easy. I have high requirement for my blog design since I started to blog.

Why upgrade new WordPress Theme?

This is really a good question that you may ask. After some research and analyze, I found that although my old wordpress theme has harmonic color, it does not optimize for my ads as well as not user friendly enough on those add on features due to 2 columns theme. So in this new theme, I’ve decided to use 3 columns theme that can fit more add on features in my blog without wasting too much space. If you could compare the screenshot of my old theme vs new theme below, the first post position has been bring up 50% more than the old theme (about 150px up) which let my reader find my post easier to read. Most ads and add ons are on the right sidebars, which is easier to maintain and alocate due to have 2 sidebar. This means you could access to these features faster and easier compare to my last theme design. In overall, I would say my new theme looks simple, compact, tidy and user friendly! icon_smile Upgrade Wordpress Theme and Wordpress 2.3.1 Do you like my new theme design?

I think it is a must to upgrade wordpress theme to prove that I am growing in the blogsphere icon_smile Upgrade Wordpress Theme and Wordpress 2.3.1

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Why upgrade to WordPress 2.3.1?

There are some new features on WordPress 2.3.1 that can benefit you in easier to manage and better blogging features.

  • Native tagging support – It allows you to use tags in addition to categories on your posts, if you so choose. They have included importers for most of the tagging plugins such as Ultimate Tag Warrior that can bring your tags into this new wordpress version.
  • Update notification – I like this new feature. It lets you know when there is a new release of WordPress and new plugins version is available. It shows directly in your plugins control panel.
  • Advanced WYSIWYG – It allows us to access some features of TinyMCE that were previously hidden.
  • The new jQuery engine which is “800% faster when search in blog.

More features can be found at WordPress.org

My two cents

I’ve received an email from one of my reader, he said that he like my blog with this newly design theme. But he failed to upgrade his wordpress to the latest version 2.3.1. This is what I want to voice out to you. If you are planning to upgrade your wordpress to version 2.3.1, the most critical precaution is on your tags .

  • Precaution of Tags after Upgrade

WordPress 2.3.1 no more using the old tagging structure, hence it not work like what you want after the upgrade. As for me, the wordpress 2.3.1 imported all my post’s tags into categories. So far I did not find any methods or plugins that can help to import back those post tags into post and seperate from Categories. Hence I have to put back the tags one by one and delete from categories. But once you settled the tags issue, all will be run smoothly without any extra tagging plugins.