Upgrade to WordPress Blog 3.5

It was 3 years back when the WordPress major upgrade to version 3.0. The upgrade till today is not much changes but I think because it is mature enough already.

8355691785_d853e2bf47 Upgrade to WordPress Blog 3.5

AhTim dot com is now on WordPress 3.5. All plugins can be run without any issue. So what is new in this new WordPress 3.5 engine?

  • New Media Manager
  • Dashboard support Retina display
  • Import post directly from Tumblr
  • Support embed link for Instagram, Slideshare and Soundcloud
  • A New default theme called Twenty Twelve.

I’m now on WordPress 3.5 and has change to the new default theme. It looks clean, tidy and wider. I hope you like it? icon_wink Upgrade to WordPress Blog 3.5