Upgrade, Jailbreak, Unlock, Hack iPod Touch OS 3.0

3720200328_1632fd52fc Upgrade, Jailbreak, Unlock, Hack iPod Touch OS 3.0Apple listen to our requests in iPod / iPhone OS 3.0, finally. I have been using iPod 2G OS 3.0 for a week and satisfied with it. Save you $10 bucks for upgrade, I’m giving out completely FREE hack / jailbreak tutorial.

Welcome to the best and most complete tutorial to upgrade and jailbreak your iPod to OS 3.0 firmware. Of course it is workable for iPod 1G, iPod 2G, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS. Basically, all types of iPod and iPhone. Just need to get the correct firmware version.

My iPod 2G OS 3.0 with Apple 2009 Theme. Nice or not ha? icon_smile Upgrade, Jailbreak, Unlock, Hack iPod Touch OS 3.0

3720200274_2c6681e9d4 Upgrade, Jailbreak, Unlock, Hack iPod Touch OS 3.0

Download required softwares before start jailbreaking:

  1. Apple iTunes 8.2
  2. Redsn0w 0.8 for Windows | Mac | Linux
  3. Bootloader Files bl39.bin & bl46.bin – Required for iPhone 2G
  4. iPhone 2G OS 3.0 ipsw
  5. iPhone 3G OS 3.0 ipsw
  6. iPod touch 2G 3.0 ipsw
  7. iPod touch 1G 3.0 ipsw

You only have to download firmware (.ipsw file) that apply to your iPhone or iPod model. Once downloaded, let’s start for jailbreaking.

Hack iPhone / iPod OS 3.0 firmware

Only 5 steps to jailbreak your lovely toy. Everybody can do, follow instructions closely one by one.

  1. Install iTunes 8.2. Connect iPhone / iPod to computer.
  2. Upgrade firmware OS 3.0 (hold shift and click the update button to choose the downloaded ipsw file) Took few minutes to backup and restore OS 3.0 firmware.
  3. Close iTunes and Start Redsn0w. Browse the OS 3.0 .ipsw firmware file and click on ‘Next’ to proceed.
  4. Follow on screen instruction to enter DFU mode and jailbreak. Remember don’t install “Icy” App or Cydia won’t work. (If you accidentally installed Icy, rejailbreak on Redsn0w and untick Icy)
  5. All run automatically. I finish unlock my iPod 2G within 5 minutes. Restart it after finished.

Steps above are similiar to previous iPod hack. It just Redsn0w make jailbreak task easiest ever.

My iPod is now has better feature and more powerful. Do come back soon for more feature tips and tricks! icon_wink Upgrade, Jailbreak, Unlock, Hack iPod Touch OS 3.0

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