Travel to Singapore Universal Studio

I’ve took 3 days off and travel to Singapore Universal Studio Theme Park in the last weekend. It was my first time to travel in Singapore with family. Overall, holiday in Singapore is fun, exciting and tired. 

One of the most modern casino – Marina Bay Sands! I’m not interested the casino but the endless swimming pool on roof top! Heard the swimming pool can only access by the hotel guest. The Noah Ark look alike boat on top is very cool too.

Just wonder Marina Bay Sands allow me to write a blog review for them? 

Travel Singapore Universal Studio

My main purpose to travel Singapore is the famous theme park – Universal Studio @ Sentosa Island. The island can be access via cable car, Sentosa express and Bus.

Travel Singapore Universal Studio

The most awaiting exciting Universal Studio Theme Park. It was crowded that day but we could finish to play almost all rides that we planned to do.

Travel Singapore Universal Studio

If you ask me it is recommended for family trip? My answer is Yes and No. Answer Yes if family members are at least 12 years old and above. Because most of the best games are designed for youngsters: Transformers 3D Battle, Battlestar Galactica, and Revenge of the Mummy!

Travel Singapore Universal Studio

The most impressive game is Transformers 3D Battle! It is unexpectedly real battle. Try it yourself and you will know. :) Fortunately, we have ride twice.

Travel Singapore Universal Studio

The Far Far Away castle of Sherk, the Ogre. The Sherk 4D show is suitable for all including child.

Travel Singapore Universal Studio

The huge dinosaur fossil in the food court.

My Experience in Singapore Universal Studio

It was an interesting 3D2N weekend in Singapore. Singapore is a place with mix of nations. The weather is warm and humid, we are almost get sick.

Poor water flow from tap due to water fee too high? And hard to find free WiFi, even in Starbucks! While Malaysia is free WiFi everywhere even in Mamak stall. So next time don’t tell me Singapore Internet very fast, it is not cool at all! hahahaaa….

Overall, Singapore is convenient place to travel around. I’ll come back for the S.E.A Aquarium and other park that I never been before. See you again!