Trasfer files to Ipod Touch wirelessly

If you are an Ipod Touch user like me, I am sure you noticed that there is no way to transfer files from your computer to Ipod Touch or vice versa manually. It is not like PDA, it come without software cd because Ipod Touch utilise the syncronization tool via iTunes. This mean you have to use iTunes to syncronize music, movie and photo. Futher more, Ipod Touch is not running MAC OS, Windows, nor Linux, it is running on BSD subsystem or so called Unix operating system, that is the reason why we do not have driver for it!

As for me, I would like to use my Ipod Touch for more than that. I want to use my Ipod Touch as a backup drive since it has 16GB :)

How to transfer files to Ipod Touch wirelessly?

Since Ipod Touch come with wifi (802.11b/g), we have to fully utilize it. Through out this tutorial, I will show you how you can transfer your files to and from Ipod Touch via wireless!

On your Computer

First, of course your computer must have a usb wifi adapter just like my TEW-424UB. Plug into your computer and install it’s driver. After install driver, go to the Wireless Connection properties, click on Wireless Network tab and add in Preferred Network. Click on Add, there are 3 important things to do here:

1. Put in your own SSID name that you like

2. Uncheck “the key is provided for me automatically” and put in your own “Network Key”. At least 5 character.

3. Tick the bottom option “This is a computer-to-computer (adhoc)

After that, click on OK return to the Wireless Network connection properties page. Click on General tab and double click on Internet Protocol. Put in the IP address and Subnet Mask as screenshot below.

On your Ipod Touch

Tap on Settings, you should see your SSID (eg: AhTim) that you have set above. Tap on the blue arrow (>) button next to your wifi name. Tap on Static and put in the IP address and Subnet Mask as screenshot below. After that, go back to the previous screen and tap on your SSID to establish wireless connection to your computer. If it connected successfully, your should see a tick on your SSID.

Once connected, let’s try to test the connection. Tap on your Term-vt100 (Unix command line), key in “ping” and press Return. You should the reply from your computer as screenshot below. This means your Ipod Touch is communicating with your computer successfully! :)

GUI Tools for data transfer

Once the wireless connection has been established, there are few methods to transfer your data to and from Ipod Touch. Since Ipod Touch is running on BSD subsystem, the original way should be via SSH or SFTP (command line). But since I am more comfortable with GUI tool to ease my task, I would like to recommend WinSCP as your data transfer tool.

Download WinSCP if you still have not do so. After installation, launch WinSCP and start login to your Ipod Touch. You need to put in Ipod Touch IP address, default username (root) and default password (alpine) as below. After login, you should see your local disks on left panel, Ipod Touch drive on right panel. That’s it! Start transfer data and have fun with this wireless USB drive ! :)

My two cents

I have a lot of fun after the experiment above. Now I can transfer data to my Ipod Touch easily without open up iTunes. Further more, I can backup files to Ipod not only music, movie and photo but also others file format. How about you? Why don’t try it as your small project? :)