TM Net Streamyx Modem Admin Password

3863641126_9ced922f05 TM Net Streamyx Modem Admin Password

Image by pjvenda

Yesterday helped my friend to check her WiFi router. She need to configure Internet phone (LG070) but not working no matter how hard she tried.

I have an idea to configure the TM WiFi modem (DB108) to act as Internet phone base WiFi station. In order to do this, I need the administrator username and password. Of course it is NOT the linksys modem above, it is a Riger modem which I never heard before.

Found Admin Password in Forum

After made a phone call to Streamyx, they don’t give me the administrator password, just give an normal user account. No choice I have to search it myself from the Internet forum.

With just 2 minutes, found the TM Streamyx Administrator username and password. Would like to share with you all in case you need it in future.

Username: tmadmin

Password: tmadmin

It is so easy to remember since the default TM user account is tmuser with same password. Why can’t I guess it?