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Android 4 for Motorola Defy

Android 4 or known as Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) become a hot topic for Android user. It was officially introduced by Google in Hong Kong during October 2011.

Android developer have built ICS 4.0.3 for those who can’t wait for the official update. The first Android 4.0.3 or code name “CM9″ experimental built for Motorola Defy here.

I can’t wait to swipe my Defy CM7 ROM too! But wait. This ICS CM9 still cannot support Camera. I can’t live without a camera on hand because snap a lot photo to upload to Facebook!

Hope to get a stable version (at least all I/O working) in next few months before step in Android 4!

Any Android 4 user here mind to share your experience on it? ;)