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Easiest Way to Upload Google Video to Youtube

As informed by Google last week, Google Video will come to its end of service in few more days at 29 April 2011.

So sad we are going to less a good video hosting service that served us for years. My first travel video was uploaded to Google Video too, before Youtube.

Anyway this is not a show stopper after Google team make the migration off of Google Video the easy way.

  1. Associate your Youtube account with your Google Video account
  2. Upload “Upload Videos to YouTube” option on the Google Video status page

By the way, this is not a news, Google already announced turning down of upload to Google video nearly 2 years ago.

What if you do not upload Google Video to Youtube? Nor download to your computer? Don’t worry. The team is working now to migrate all Google videos to Youtube automatically! You won’t lose your memorable videos ;)