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Free iPod Nano 6th Generation Replacement Program

Do you want Free iPod Nano 6th Generation? Good news for iPod Nano 1st Gen owner. Apple has launch a replacement program for all you! Some iPod Nano 1st Gen owner reported receive a box from Apple to recall back the problematic iPod Nano.

Why need Replacement Program?

The iPod Nano 1st Gen may overheat and pose safety issue. It was due to battery manufacturing defect. Apple willing to take up the responsibility even it has come to end of product, after 5 years.

Who can get Replacement?

Affected iPod nano were sold between September 2005 and December 2006. Are you one of them? Click here to check your serial number whether it is eligible for this replacement program.

If your iPod Nano is in the list, order a replacement now! Yes, it is Free. ;) Why not?

By the way, how to identify whether your iPod Nano is 1st Gen? It has a black or white plastic front and a silver metal back.

Unfortunately, I don’t see Malaysia in the country list. Anyone here has iPod Nano 1st Gen try to contact Apple Store?