Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1 !

What’s New?

Refer to my previous guest post at LiewCF blog about Mozilla Prism, Mozilla developer is developing the new engine for it’s Mozilla Firefox 3. But never thought that Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1 has been release so early before my vacation to Shanghai! But bear in mind that this is a developer preview release and it is being made available for testing purposes only.

New Mozilla Firefox 3 features

2067835938_970347877f Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1 !According to the Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1 release notes, it was rebuild based on Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform which has been under development for the past 27 months!

Firefox 3 Beta 1 is based on the new Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform, which has been under development for the past 27 months and includes nearly 2 million lines of code changes, fixing more than 11,000 issues.

Further more, it is ready for more security, easier to use, more personal, improved platform for developer, and improved performance in this version.

So, without waiting until I come back from vacation, I’ve download Firefox 3 Beta1 immediately and evaluate it.

My two cents

I am so impressed by the latest feature as below:

Malware protection – When I try to browse malware or spyware website, my Firefox 3 warn me and block me from the website!

Resumable downloading: Now I can resume downloads after restarting the browser or restart my computer.

Speed: According to the release notes, there is a major architectural changes on reflowing a page layout on this version. I have feel the speed when browsing, how about you?

But there is some drawback on my evaluation this time. After install Firefox 3, all my Add Ons extensions has been disabled due to incompatibility icon_sad Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1 ! Also, I didn’t see any Prism engine to integrate web application. So what is your experience with Mozilla Firefox 3?

I will leave Firefox 3 running on my computer until I come back from vacation and see if the add ons compatibility issue has been resolve. If not I might revert back to version 2

2066792289_75669521aa Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1 !