Malaysia Singapore Free GPS Map

Are you looking to buy GPS map? Don’t! If you stay in Malaysia or Singapore.

Too proud to say we have such a good community form by GPS enthusiasts, named MFM. MFM (Malaysia & Singapore Free GPS Map Project) provide frequent update details map for FREE!

Custom POI Icon

MFM map is so far the best and attractive map I have seen. What make it so special? Is the custom POI (Point of Interest) icons.

Don’t know what I’m talking? Look at the sample map below.

3674115397_02299ac4eb Malaysia Singapore Free GPS Map

You able to see these POI icons during navigation too. Area compound were differentiate by colors for easy recognition. Compare to other map (MalSingMaps) then you know how detail is this map. The map update on average 2 weeks interval.

Download free GPS map here that suit your GPS device. I just downloaded latest MFM v1.64. The community is planning to generate “junction view” feature on map itself. Hope it release soon before my next trip to Kuala Lumpur.

PS: Map feedback to your localation as contribution to make it better.