Make yourself in Magazines front cover

Do you see in one of my favorite magazine at National Geographic cover? Feel it is impossible? Let’s me tell you how to make yourself in the magazines front cover.

Well, I am not teaching you how to build a well known reputation in the world but this is just for FUN! icon_smile Make yourself in Magazines front cover The magazine cover is fake, and you can upload your own photo into it with few well known magazines cover frame.

2215211697_699def37d2 Make yourself in Magazines front cover

It is so easy to make yourself in the front cover. Go to MagMyPic, upload your photo and choose your favorite magazine cover and thats it. You are in well known magazine’s front cover immediately!

Why don’t you make a magazine cover with your own photo and share with us here?

My two cents

Although this is just for fun, the MagMyPic website is allow you to subscribe the real magazine with very low price. For example, you may subscribe to National Geographic with special discount at USD$34.00 that save you 43% of the original price USD$59.40.

This is a very good idea to promote magazines huh?:) Please share with us your own magazine cover!