Make Money Online with .MY Second Level Domain Name (2LD)

2367396445_f1172267db Make Money Online with .MY Second Level Domain Name (2LD)While everbody is talking about the hot topic Second Level Domain Name (2LD) Public Launch, somebody is taking the opportunity to make money!

The official launch is on 25th March 2008. MYNIC open the registration of second level domain name “.MY” to the public in Malaysia. You need a registered company or Malaysia Identity card in order to apply for a dot my domain name. A .MY registration fee is RM120 per year (~USD$38.70).

This .MY domain fees is quite expensive compare to a .COM domain. We can get a .COM domain name for less than USD$10 easily which is nearly 4 times cheaper than .MY domain name.

The Make Money Idea

While we are thinking whether need to register a simpler, shorter internet address for better branding, somebody had taken big company’s domain name. One of the big domain name was registered by an web design company named DIGIAttack located in Ipoh. – DIGIATTACK

I thought it was reserved for Google. After check the registrant details, it was not the case. Maybe you doubt is this a mistake by Google representative in Malaysia? Or Google never border on this second level domain?

I tried to search for others well known domain such as,, and All registered by related MYNIC handle. So I think the registered successful by some individual was due to a mistake (correct me if I wrong).

Now, what is he going to do with this domain name? Hmm, maybe write a search engine for Malaysian? Or sell it to Google Inc Malaysia representative? I think he can make some good money with this domain name! icon_smile Make Money Online with .MY Second Level Domain Name (2LD)

Do you register a .MY domain name?

If your business based in Malaysia, I suggest you register quickly to secure your brand name. Of course, must check domain name availability first before register. Although it is much more expensive, but its worth to grab your own short brand name.

For myself, I will stick with my .com at this moment. To maintain few domains or blogs simultaneuosly is not that easy. Further more, domain name is just a name. Content and reader network is much more important.

I found some weird situation. Some domain name has not been register by someone (for eg:, but MYNIC mentioned it is not available for registration? Do you know why?
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