iTunes 11 Make Music Player Simple and Beautiful

Have you upgrade to latest iTunes 11? I have to admit that I thought it is just another upgrade. But I was wrong! It is now more simple and more beautiful.

iTunes 11

iTunes 11 has completely redesigned the user experience. It give your feeling of using iPad with the expandable folder view. Read the what’s new here.

What I like about iTunes 11 ?

I feel it run faster now. Is it only me or ? The most useful new feature to me is the newly design mini player. This mini player not only allows me to put at tiny corner, but fully function as normal mode to load songs.

iTunes new player concept is no more double click to play music. It rather add the songs or album into current playlist, right after current song. It work just like Karaoke system to schedule your songs to next play! ;)

Don’t understand? Download iTunes 11 and try it out yourself :) Let me know your¬†favorite¬†feature in comment below.

**Do you know you can add Radio station into your iTunes playlist?