iPod Touch Hardest Game

2581985643_91ae042c9b iPod Touch Hardest Game Sometime when we feel boring or no challenge, we need some interesting game to play with. What type of game do you like? I like game which not just a game, eg: Gwap. Have you try it out?

The online game is not available during offline. So, I have discovered another challenging offline. I would say it is the hardest game on iPod touch or iPhone. I suggest you to try it out if you have iPod or iPhone.

The Hardest Game

The game called CubicMan. CubicMan is available on the ModMyiFone repository (http://modmyifone.com/installer.xml). So make sure you have jailbreak your mac toy and add in the repo before can install the game.

Why it is the hardest game? Because you have to turn your mind to make the brick stand on the square. At some level, you might think it is impossible to resolve, but it really has a solution out there.

Other than hard, the game is interesting. It has nice 3D view, touch screen enabled control and 25 levels even in its version 0.0.2!

2582813334_34d04b190e iPod Touch Hardest Game

My two cents

CubicMan is one of my favourite game in iPod touch. I have achieved level 14. Although the author mentioned there are 25 levels, I think there is some bug in level 14. I don’t think it is possible to resolve with current platform design. I was stuck there since weeks ago icon_sad iPod Touch Hardest Game

2582813526_597aa25570 iPod Touch Hardest Game

Anybody has resolved level 14? Please let me know how you do it? icon_wink iPod Touch Hardest Game