Increase Rss subscribers experiment

2225721748_a1b515022f Increase Rss subscribers experimentMy rss readers are increasing gradually from month to month. But this is still my biggest weakness till today. According to my last SEO report, number of my rss readers is about 41 in average. Highest is 61 rss readers.

I have tried to submit my to some rss directories but doesnt help much. I hope to make some explotion on my rss subscribers. I hope to achieve 100 rss readers, but I think this is impossible unless you help me!

Experiment to Increase my RSS readers

What techniques I use to increase my rss readers? Some pro blogger mentioned we should not reveal our rss status until achieve certain stage. But some blogger doesn’t agree that, at least I am not fully agree with that concept.

Since my last blog design upgrade, I have hide out my rss status. For the past 1 month plus, my highest rss readers is 61 per day. This means it was almost 100% increment compare to my rss readers in November 2007 SEO report.

From that increment, seems like hide out my rss status also does not affect my rss subscribers. To prove whether to show or to hide my rss status for better results, I will do an experiment. I will show my rss status for 1 month, and hide it for another 1 month. After that we will know which option can increase rss readers in shorter time! icon_smile Increase Rss subscribers experiment

Let’s try this experiment on your blog and share the results with us here. icon_smile Increase Rss subscribers experiment

Please help me to achieve 100 rss subscribers via email subscription.