How to hack Ipod Touch 16GB ?

Why hack Ipod Touch ?

My Ipod Touch 16GB come with only few standard applications such as iTunes, Photo browser, Video player, Calendar and Contact. But I do not thin these standard softwares are enough for a IT techie like me.

I know Mr Steve Jobs has announced that Apple will support third-party development of native applications for the iPhone and Ipod Touch (via Apple’s ‘Hot News’ ). But it is too long to wait until February 2008. Hence I have decided to hack my Ipod Touch in order to install more third party applications to make my Ipod more useful and powerful.

How to hack Ipod Touch ?

First, make sure you do not upgrade your Ipod Touch firmware to version 1.1.2. The hacking tools has been proven to be work well with original firmware version 1.1.1 but still in testing phase with version 1.1.2, so just do not upgrade your Ipod Touch when you ask to do so by iTunes.

Secondly, establish your wireless internet connection at any wifi zone. Open you Safari and browse to Scroll to the bottom and tap on Install AppSnapp Installer (you can only see this button when browse on your Ipod Touch).

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Your Safari will disappear and return to your main Home screen. Do not touch any screen, just wait for the download to finish. You should see the download progress bar on your screen. It might takes few minutes to download and install, then restart by itself. Once you see the slide to unlock screen, this means your Ipod Touch was hacked successfully! icon_smile How to hack Ipod Touch 16GB ?

In case the Safari hangs during download, just quit out (press and hold Home for 4-8 seconds) and try again.

After Hacking

After hack successfully, you will see an icon named “Installer” on your screen. Tap on this button and look for more third party applications that fit your needs. With this Installer, we do not hassle or crack head to download and install those softwares manually.

My two cents

I was so excited to hack my Ipod Touch for the first time. It took me about 10 minutes to complete since my wireless line is not so fast. After hacked my Ipod Touch, I’ve installed about 20 third party applications into it. These include some games, network utilities, dictionary, system utilities and etc.

Now my Ipod Touch not only for music, video and internet, it also equiped with more powerful tools. Have fun with the Touch! icon_smile How to hack Ipod Touch 16GB ?





[Source: Tuaw]