How To Get Free Flight for LIFE?

Got your FREE flight seat? Don’t worry if you can’t get. I’m going to teach you how to get FREE flight seat for LIFE! Yes, is NOT a seat for once but for whole life.

The answer is just give BIRTH on board! ;) Yeah, we all like free things but this privilege only for mom.

Give Birth on Board

The pregnant mom was on a flight from Penang to Kuching when she began to feel some discomfort. The aircraft then diverted to Kuala Lumpur. A doctor on board and flight attendants helped her to give birth a baby boy just before landing.

Both the mother and child get free flights on AirAsia for life! It is the first time baby delivered in its aircraft. Will second or third baby get the privilege? You may try it out and tell me. :)

By the way, isn’t women too pregnant can’t board flights?

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