Healthy Blogger: DIY Dragon Fruit Enzyme

Enzymes are catalysts produce by our own body. Many factors can decrease the amount and quality of our enzyme, such as pressure, food, and sleeping hour.

As a healthy blogger, I drink DIY (homemade) enzyme daily for almost a year. It has refine my vitality, energy and excretion system.

Drink How Much?

Many people don’t know how to drink. According to a enzyme magazine, don’t over drink or it wasted. [Your weight in KG] x1ml + same amount of plain water= Enzymes your body need for a day.

For example, I’m 60KG so I drink 30ml Enzymes mixed with 30ml plain water in the morning and night. I get 60ml of Enzymes daily.

DIY Dragon Fruit Enzyme

You can buy ready made enzyme from store, but pricey. I bought at about $69(RM) for 300ml from Cosway. It only cater for 5 days. How if 2 persons? To save cost, we rather DIY at home.

My wife is an experience fruit enzyme maker. This is my first time to make fruit enzyme, Dragon fruit enzyme to be more accurate. Dragon fruit enzyme help to stimulate blood cells production. It is good for my minor thalassemia sickness.

Let’s start to DIY. Prepare 6 dragon fruits and 2 lemons. All in dry condition, if not will failed. Whole process done WITHOUT touching a drop of water!

Cut Dragon fruit, lemon, brown sugar into slices. The dragon fruit slices are sticky huh?

Stack Dragon fruit and brown sugar in layers. The top layer must cover by lemons follow by brown sugar in pieces. Make sure no hole between lemons and brown sugar from eye sight.

Label it with date and store in dark area (no direct sunlight) for 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks, the Dragon Fruit Enzyme is ready for drink. Filter out the fruits.

Pour the enzyme into bottle for easy storage.