Hack and Unlock iPod Touch 2G firmware

3408528264_ff42983488 Hack and Unlock iPod Touch 2G firmwareLong awaiting iPod touch 2G firmware 2.2.1 hack and unlock tool has been released! You can now fully jailbreak iPod touch 2G. It is NOT official QuickPwn/ PwnageTool, yet work for me with some tricks!

If you cannot wait for the official QuickPWN/PwnageTool release like me, you can try QuickFreedom. QuickFreedom is a GUI iPod Touch 2G jailbreak software developed by @DanCool999 on iPod Touch Fans forums.

How to Hack iPod Touch 2G firmware 2.2.1 ?

Basic concept is use QuickFreedom to generate a hack or unlock version of firmware 2.2.1. Load it back to iPod touch 2G and that’s it.

Get ready 2 core files before hack into your iPod touch 2G. Download QuickFreedom (~11.1mb), iPod touch 2G firmware 2.2.1 (~284mb). It might take more than an hour at slow Internet connection.

Once finished, you are ready to go.

  1. Install and Run QuickFreedom
  2. Click to Install LibUSB
  3. Browse to downloaded 2.2.1 firmware, click Next and Create Firmware
  4. The unlock 2.2.1 firmware will generate to your Desktop
  5. Connect iPod touch 2G and put it in DFU mode (click on DFU instructions if you don’t know)
  6. Once in DFU mode, click Start Pre-Jailbreak
  7. After Pre-Jailbreak, Hold Shift and Click on “Restore” button in iTunes
  8. Browse to the “CustomFirmware.ipsw” you have created on Desktop, then Restore.
  9. Wait until the restoration process finish, takes about 10-15 minutes.
  10. Once finished, your iPod 2G will be restart with Cydia and Installer App ready.

If all run smooth, you should able to hack iPod touch 2G within 20-30 minutes.

3408092299_99fc5d9f8a Hack and Unlock iPod Touch 2G firmware

But for me, it stuck at Pre-Jailbreak process. Don’t know why, it just can’t go through. At the end, I have to restore the original iPod 2G 2.2.1 firmware before Pre-Jailbreak again.

Could be QuickFreedom bug? Maybe. Anyway, still BIG thanks to DanCool999! Our iPod 2G can’t be so cool without his effort.

My Two Cents

Once unlock my iPod 2G, I quickly install back all Apps I miss such as MxTube, Winterboard, etc. See my iPod run Vista theme on right? Cool isn’t it? I’ll get more powerful apps to fully utilize it.

An hour after I hack my iPod 2G, QuickPwn has annouced release of Jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.0 Beta2. Luckily it don’t work for iPod 2G, and may not work with some jailbroken apps. Recommend to wait for the stable version before jump into it.

PS: Backup all your data before wipe out, or you’ll cry! icon_wink Hack and Unlock iPod Touch 2G firmware