Google Adwords to Penalize Advertisers

2322797451_df900f1212 Google Adwords to Penalize AdvertisersGoogle is going to penalize advertisers in their Google Adwords program. The main purpose of this new rule is to continuing improve the user experience. Advertisers with slow landing page will be penalize by Google. They will incorporate this aspect into its Quality Score very soon, maybe in next few weeks.

So if you want to advertise with Google Adwords, make sure your landing page is fast enough. Use my website speed test tool to check your page loading time. If your landing page load too slow, users might abandon your website even if Google do not penalize you.

How to Load Landing Page Faster?

There are few tips to improve your page load time:

  • Use fewer redirects.
  • Reduce the page size by using fewer, smaller, and more highly-compressed images.
  • Do not use empty pages. Minimize the use of iframes on your landing page.
  • Subscribe to better web hosting provider.

Even if you are not advertising with Google, my advice is you still need to improve your loading time. Visitors are more comfortable with fast loading website and then willing to stay longer. This definitely increase your page view.

My two cents

I think improve our landing page is the most basic knowledge for every blogger. If I am a visitor, I will not stay to wait loading a landing page for more than 30 seconds. My blog loaded with 0.5 seconds! How about yours?

[source: Google Adwords]