Gmail Weird Feature

2927576085_55f0789014 Gmail Weird FeatureAre you using Gmail? I’m sure you like Gmail if compare the speed and features. I remember when my first time to use Gmail, it need referer or you can’t register a Gmail account. But now everybody can register. Since then, Gmail has become my default email client.

Gmail is good at antispam, label, fast search, etc. Recently its weird feature make people laugh on it. What is that? The “Mail Goggles” feature.

Mail Goggles Feature

What is Mail Goggles? It designed to help keep people from sending emails that they’ll later regret after drunk (I totally disagree drunk at this point). It is weird huh?

It will ask you a few simple math problems, within a short time limit, before you can hit “send” on that outgoing e-mail. When activated, the service auto swtich on Friday and Saturday nights between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m (high drunk rate if you’re still sending email at these time).

2927586649_b31fe05520 Gmail Weird Feature

To turn this feature on, go to your Gmail account’s “Settings” button, then click on the “Labs” option and search for “Mail Goggles” in the long listing.

So, anyone going to turn on this new feature? I don’t drink so much, so just keep the service for someone else. icon_wink Gmail Weird Feature