Genting Cable Car Accident Drop Down!?

Have you ever been Genting Highland by its cable car ride? I’m sure you have experience the high tech no-stop cable car at Genting Highland, if you’re Malaysian. Also sure you enjoy breathing fresh air, fun riding and tropical forest scene viewing.

For those who never experience Genting Skyway cable car, the short introduction here.

The Genting Skyway cable car system open in year 1997. It provides a 3.38 km transport to the hilltop. Genting Skyway is also recognised as the “World’s Fastest Mono Cable Car System” with a maximum speed of 21.6 km per hour and the “Longest Cable Car in Malaysia and Southeast Asia“.

But who knows how strong is it? Saw these 2 photos while surfing blogs and forum. Do you think Genting Skyway cable car is really safe? Is the cable car accident drop down? It is really scary if it is true!
2946872516_3590cc5fc7 Genting Cable Car Accident Drop Down!?

2946010847_9eff3466dd Genting Cable Car Accident Drop Down!?

The photos arrangement is misleading! You thought the cable car has drop down from sky? You missed the 2nd photo here.

2946873160_c2b6bf6cd6 Genting Cable Car Accident Drop Down!?

Proven it is NOT cable car drop down. TheStar online has published the news some timme ago. The truth is a guy who want suicide jump out from a restaurant near hotel and stopped by the net. Phew~ Instead, the cable car service stop for 5 hours due to this guy.

2946025111_d7a616de98 Genting Cable Car Accident Drop Down!?

At last, he was pursuaded by fireman to give up his death wish. So, do I still dare to ride Genting Skyway cable car to hilltop? Why not. In my experience, car driving to hilltop more dangerous than cable car ride. What do you think?

I’m going to celebrate my 5th wedding anniversary at Genting Highland this year end. I’ve booked 3D2N stay in Awana. Bless me not the one drop down from cable car ropeway.

The moral of the story: Don’t judge too early before read till the last word. Even it is last word, search for proof. If you read till this line, you have learned from the story. icon_wink Genting Cable Car Accident Drop Down!?

[full story:TheStar online]