Garmin GPS Navigation + Free Maps

2916600733_1e86f8b385 Garmin GPS Navigation + Free MapsNobody guess right on what software I used in previous post. I’m using Garmin Mobile XT ver 4.10.8 GPS navigation software. It is mobile edition of the famous Garmin GPS software.

GPS is only a global positioning device. Basically, without a navigation software you can do nothing other than geotag. Garmin is leading in GPS navigation software and devices. So I decide to use

Garmin Mobile XT GPS Navigation Requirements

Well, I do not have a luxury 3.5-inch touch screen Garmin GPS. My Nokia N82 2.8-inch without touch screen able to lead me to my destination too. What you need to use Garmin Mobile XT GPS navigation?

  • A GPS enabled Mobile Phone, eg: Nokia N82
  • Garmin Mobile XT data card
  • Map

Garmin Mobile XT data card refer to Garmin navigation software. You can buy at Dell website for $99.99 USD. You may download free Garmin Mobile XT for symbian S60.

But without license key, you are not able to unlock and use in your own mobile phone GPS chipset. You need to get the license key and unlock to use with your own GPS chipset. Once setup finish, continue to load in the maps.

Of course must install with an updated map for places that you want to explore. Many maps are available to download for a fee.

I’m glad that I live in Malaysia. Malsingmaps is distributing Malaysia and Singapore maps for Free! (Yeah, I like Free things) You need to register as free member and download free Malaysia and Singapore maps (~15MB).

You may pay a small fee to get latest updated maps. But for me, the free version is more than enough to help me reach my destinations. Download and extract the map file (.img file) into your mobile phone memory card follow the instructions.

How to use Garmin Mobile XT GPS navigation?

I have proved my Nokia N82 works perfectly with Garmin Mobile XT during my KL Family trip. You should see GMobileXT icon after Garmin installation (I’m using Chinese language in my N82).

Start GMobileXT and accept the agreement to NOT see or use the map while driving. It is dangerous.

2916615415_ac7dbba627 Garmin GPS Navigation + Free Maps

Once GPS chipset initiated, Garmin interface pop out. Wait for more Satellite bar. The more bar you get, better accuracy you have. Once your position get detected, you can start tell Garmin where you want to go?

2917447246_d3d8ec50a9 Garmin GPS Navigation + Free Maps

After click on “Where to?“, don’t use “Addresses”. It will make your search harder. Use “Food, Hotels…” function. Then click on “Spell Name“.

2916602891_4135f00bc3 Garmin GPS Navigation + Free Maps

When key in your destination, use keyword. Don’t use full address. For example, instead of “Jalan Malim Jaya 2″, you key in “Malim 2″.

It will then list down all similar address sort by nearest location. Click the destination and Go! In some cases, building name and landmark are useful too.

2917445484_88199a059e Garmin GPS Navigation + Free Maps

Another interesting feature is its POI (Points of Interest). You may find petrol station, restaurant, hotel, bank, etc near to your current location. Make you like a local even you are foreigner.

2916601299_3841a507d1 Garmin GPS Navigation + Free Maps

My two cents

Garmin Mobile XT is really a handy tool. Worth to give it a try. As slogan seen in advertisement said “The World is in your hand”. Now, I don’t need to worry about direction or map anymore within my country.

Hopefully there will be more free maps to download all over the world. So next time I can travel overseas with my N82 too! icon_wink Garmin GPS Navigation + Free Maps

I learned 2 tricks on N82 GPS experience:

  • Don’t plug in car charger while your Garmin XT initiating for satellite signal or it will hang.
  • Planning! Planning! Always plan ahead before travel. Search and save all places of interest or destination into your favourite list. Don’t need to scratch head and struggling to find the location on last minute. Enjoy driving by switch ON and GO!

Save places of interest in My favourite list.

2917445928_7ab6f4df41 Garmin GPS Navigation + Free Maps

Do you have experience with GPS device ? Please share your good or bad experience. I would like to hear from you. icon_smile Garmin GPS Navigation + Free Maps