Free Music Download Player

2849854353_e32c7e03ee Free Music Download PlayerAre you struggling to download free music for test listen? Especially Chinese songs are now hard to find online. Although People’s High Court of Beijing found not guilty for posting links to websites offering illegal music , you can hardly find mp3 music for download at now. In fact, Baidu mp3 search was banned in US and Germany.

To make us easier find free music or songs, has release its new player named 1ting music box. In Chinese, the word “1ting” means “one listen”. Contain meaning of listen fast.

1Ting Music Player and Features

The music player website does not host any music or song. It just organize more than 500k songs from Internet. It become really handy music player after combine with super strong search engine. You may try listen to the music while downloading from the giant music pool.

The 1ting GUI interface is simple, just like a Winamp player. So far, it is only available in Chinese version and free for download. Other than music, it also auto search for the song’s lyrics and display on lyrics window. I can say this is simplest music box I have ever seen. You can enjoy the music with a single click.

2849854349_57f5bba38c Free Music Download Player

Another feature is it has a list of categories. If you don’t know what to listen, check out the latest hits, english oldies, folk songs, country songs, etc. Get listen to latest pop music and oldies with peace of mind. icon_wink Free Music Download Player

2849854351_06f5cde7b5 Free Music Download Player

Download 1ting (~1.7mb) and start enjoy music. Don’t forget, download at your own risk for pirated musics. Better support or buy the original CD if you like the song!!