Excel Error, Send or Don’t Send?

3404109700_fd4ed5e6a9 Excel Error, Send or Don t Send?My user phone me: “When I open my excel, it close by itself and ask send error report to Microsoft”. Should I send or don’t send?

She told me the file was ok in the morning. It has macro and some “vlookup” function inside. I thought it was the file problem, but it is not. Same error even I created a new file.

Send or Don’t Send?

Of course don’t send. I never send error report to Microsoft? Why? No reason, just don’t like to send.

I remote control over her computer and take a look at the excel application error. Click on details, it show error with mgxlui_1.dll. Did a quick search on Google and found it related to printer driver.

Without delay, I delete the default printer driver and reinstall. Once done, she can open the excel file and update link data without any problem.

Question: Why the printer driver need to be reinstall? I have no idea, tell me if you know the answer.