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Bicycle Cycling is Fun, again

For how long you haven’t cycling on the road? At least one year for me. I don’t have a bicycle at home, and it is not safe to cycling on heavy traffic road.

Due to increasing pollution of air in many cities, Green bike activity has been carried out for years. Big city like France, China, and recently Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has spread the “Cycling Day” to reduce emission. Although this doesn’t really make our city green, yet it is a healthy sport and spread the Importance of Environmental.

The first banner that I saw when arrival at ChengDu ShuangLiu International Airport.

I don’t get excited to get a bicycle until I see this Faraday Bicycles today! It redefine the fun of cycling and made better cycling experience with more enjoyable! ;)

Faraday Porteur looks like an ordinary bicycle but works as an electric bicycle with premium quality body. Continue reading

Flight Accident Drop on Street

Another private news after Genting cable car drop down! A private Boing 747 flight crash and drop on the street in Malaysia. This news has been covered by all media, no one dare to reveal except me.

See the car get crush under the pilot seat? Fortunately nobody injured or die in the accident. Can’t imagine if the plane unable to stop on the hill and hit buildings on the town!

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World’s Tallest Building: Burj Khalifa

Image by ashmieke

The World’s Tallest Building – Burj Khalifa, was just opened in Dubai. It stack up with 206 storeys at total height of 828 meters (2717 feet)! You can even see the building far from 95KM away.

The weather of the desert make this building even awesome. At the top, visitors can enjoy temperatures that are nearly 15 degrees cooler than at the building’s base. Continue reading

The World Most Dirty Computer

Have you ever seen The World Most Dirty computer. Today I have seen one at guard-house.

A user phone me to inform the clocking system down. I went to check the computer and you know what? Ridiculously Super Dirty computer I never seen before.

A few centimeter thick of dust stuck at the air flow holes.

You think the hard drive can breathe with the dust-covered? Continue reading

How To Get Free Flight for LIFE?

Got your FREE flight seat? Don’t worry if you can’t get. I’m going to teach you how to get FREE flight seat for LIFE! Yes, is NOT a seat for once but for whole life.

The answer is just give BIRTH on board! ;) Yeah, we all like free things but this privilege only for mom.

Give Birth on Board

The pregnant mom was on a flight from Penang to Kuching when she began to feel some discomfort. The aircraft then diverted to Kuala Lumpur. A doctor on board and flight attendants helped her to give birth a baby boy just before landing. Continue reading

Huge Aquarium Tank Bigger than Your House!

You never see aquarium tank that bigger than your house? World 2nd largest aquarium, The Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa (Japan) is 10mx35mx27m.

The aquarium tank is so huge that they name it as sea, Kuroshio Sea. What fish to rear in this huge tank? Definitely not golden fish. You can’t even see the small golden fish in the sea.

See what they rear inside?

Just imagine the thickness of the glass. What happen if the glass broken?

PS: The tank size is capable to hold 4 Whale Sharks!! ;)

[via MrBadak]