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Free Business Camera Shots

Do you own a shop or restaurant? Apply for a Google camera shots for your business, Free.

Google is now enhancing its places and businesses search on Google maps by putting up real business photo.

Millions of potential customers searching at Google maps, and now you could show off your business to the world! Any business can apply for a camera shots by Google professional photographer.

The bad is the business camera shots only available at US, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand at this moment. Apply for a camera shots here.

Panda Search Ranking Formula

Many have observed recent Google search ranking algorithm change – name as Panda or Farmer.

No matter what code name is it, the purpose of the change is to deliver higher quality sites.

[Photo by GarfieldTheLazyCat]

Frankly, I just don’t border what formula is that. Keep in mind two key factors:

  1. Content Uniqueness
  2. User Engagement with the content

Back to basics, Content is King. Check out the 3 ways to increase Page Rank if you are still figuring how to tackle the search ranking.

Undeniably, social network play important part now especially in second factor. So please LIKE this article at your Facebook! :) Thanks

PS: Purchase Keyword Research software / Submit website to BOTW the oldest directory to boost your search ranking.

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Easiest Way to Upload Google Video to Youtube

As informed by Google last week, Google Video will come to its end of service in few more days at 29 April 2011.

So sad we are going to less a good video hosting service that served us for years. My first travel video was uploaded to Google Video too, before Youtube.

Anyway this is not a show stopper after Google team make the migration off of Google Video the easy way.

  1. Associate your Youtube account with your Google Video account
  2. Upload “Upload Videos to YouTube” option on the Google Video status page

By the way, this is not a news, Google already announced turning down of upload to Google video nearly 2 years ago.

What if you do not upload Google Video to Youtube? Nor download to your computer? Don’t worry. The team is working now to migrate all Google videos to Youtube automatically! You won’t lose your memorable videos ;)

Google tilt on Mobile

Programmer always like to write easter egg (hidden code)  in their program to have some fun.

Google developer like it too. Don’t believe? Try google the word “tilt” at your mobile.

Yes, the Google result screen tilted. This is the best way to tell people who don’t know the meaning isn’t it? ;) Take out your phone and try out !

PS: This fun result only show in Android and iOS Apple phone. Others will show normal result without tilted effect.

Better Gmail Ads = No Privacy ?

Gmail logoGmail soon to release better ads mechanism. They are trying to cut down irrelevant ads then provide ads related to you base on email content and importance ranking.

What does it means? It means Gmail knows what you are Reading! For example, if you always emailing about cameras or photography, Gmail ads will show you a deal from local camera store. It do just like what Adsense did.

Now come to the main concern, do we have privacy anymore? The answer is YES. Ads in Gmail are fully automated-no humans read your messages – stated in Gmail ads principle, I hope so.

Google SSL Secure Search

Google now offers secure website ( using SSL for your searches, in beta.

So you don’t know what is SSL? Secure Sockets Layer refer to secure protocol that provide secure connection in the Internet. In simple, it protect you from hacker who want to steal your information.

SSL website is common in websites that provide highly confidential data to guarantee privacy. For example, webmail and shopping sites.

Only I don’t understand who care to protect their search? Tell me if you have specific reason to use Google SSL website? ;)