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Best Save Money Apps

Who knew that investing in a smart phone could actually save money? These apps make budgeting and finding deals easier on everything from gas to groceries and clothes. Most of the apps are available in both Android phone and iPhone App.


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Gone are the days of driving around your neighborhood looking for the cheapest gas price. This free app saves you time and save money by doing the work for you. It shows a map of nearby gas stations and lists the price per gallon of gas. It even provides directions to the station so you will never get lose chasing a good deal. With gas prices rising daily, taking even a few bucks off each fill-up can add up to significant savings each year.


There is no worse feeling than spending $90 on a pair of new shoes only to see them listed for less at another store. You’ve already thrown out the receipt and worn out the soles so there is no hope of a return. With this app, you will never feel that frustration again. With ShopSavvy, simply scan the barcode on your item and see prices from dozens of top online retailers. You can even add your credit card information and buy with one tap of the screen. Continue reading

Android 4 for Motorola Defy

Android 4 or known as Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) become a hot topic for Android user. It was officially introduced by Google in Hong Kong during October 2011.

Android developer have built ICS 4.0.3 for those who can’t wait for the official update. The first Android 4.0.3 or code name “CM9″ experimental built for Motorola Defy here.

I can’t wait to swipe my Defy CM7 ROM too! But wait. This ICS CM9 still cannot support Camera. I can’t live without a camera on hand because snap a lot photo to upload to Facebook!

Hope to get a stable version (at least all I/O working) in next few months before step in Android 4!

Any Android 4 user here mind to share your experience on it? ;)

10 Billion Downloads at Android Market !

Google Android Market has just hit 10 billion downloads! It grows from 1 billion downloads to 10 billion in just 1 year 5 months. That is 6 billion downloads in a year!

Compare to Apple App Store, it hit the first billion in just 9 months. (refer App Store One Billion Downloads) And hit 10 billion early this year. Which mean Apple App Store run faster at first, and now Google Android Market is running even faster.

In reward, Android Market offer selected paid app available for only 10 cents each (for 10 days only)! Check out Android Market now.

Believe Android Market will soon overtake App Store. Frankly, I have bought a few paid apps in App Store but haven’t bought any from Android Market. I think that is the reason why android market grow so fast.

No matter who win the race, I hope both store provide more productive and useful apps because I have Android and Apple gadgets.

[source: CNet]

Best Android Phone with Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Google and Samsung just announce their best android phone – Galaxy Nexus, coming with Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich in Hong Kong!

It was my first time to watch such big event of Android online, like immerse into the conference hall. I won’t talk about the event, it was nearly an hour talk and demo. You can watch them online some where.

I’m curios why Facebook no buzz on this phone launching (hey it was 2 new product at once – Galaxy Nexus and Android 4), while iPhone 4S was so buzzing and rumors all over the world before the announcement! As Android user, I have to introduce this phone for you to consider.

Best Android Phone – Galaxy Nexus

Yes, it is the best Android phone yet! Latest hardware specification with powerful redesign Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

This is the first phone to include Android 4 out of the box. Motorola Droid Razr will be the next to get the update next year.

Galaxy Nexus Specification as below:

CPU: OMAP A9 Dual-core 1.2Ghz

Memory: 1GB Memory

Display: 4.65 HD Amoled

Camera: 5MP Camera with zero shutter lag, 1.3MP HD front came

Carrier: LTE technology (up to 15mbps download/upload speed!)

I was impressed by the HD Amoled screen. It support 16:9 widescreen with HD resolution, a mobile cinema on your hand. Continue reading

Mobile Video App – XDA VidTrim

If you like to shoot video but never took an A/V class in your life, let me fill you in on an industry secret: the magic is all in the editing. Being able to cut out the seconds of inaction between on-screen activity is an ability you don’t appreciate until you’re playing video back and have to huff and puff between gaps in the excitement. For those with the newest video recording-capable HTC 4G Android Phone models and other state-of-the-art mobile devices, the ability to shoot high definition video comes at the cost of enormous memory use without a way to cut the fat.

Free Mobile Video Editing

Luckily for them, third-party app developers are standing by.

The VidTrim app recently released by the XDA development firm is no Final Cut Pro, but the free app is incredibly useful for anyone who isn’t satisfied with simply playing back raw amateur video. The flagship function is explained in the name: VidTrim allows you to cut a particular piece of your recording out and save it as an independent file.

Continue reading