Best Save Money Apps

Who knew that investing in a smart phone could actually save money? These apps make budgeting and finding deals easier on everything from gas to groceries and clothes. Most of the apps are available in both Android phone and iPhone App.

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Gone are the days of driving around your neighborhood looking for the cheapest gas price. This free app saves you time and save money by doing the work for you. It shows a map of nearby gas stations and lists the price per gallon of gas. It even provides directions to the station so you will never get lose chasing a good deal. With gas prices rising daily, taking even a few bucks off each fill-up can add up to significant savings each year.


There is no worse feeling than spending $90 on a pair of new shoes only to see them listed for less at another store. You’ve already thrown out the receipt and worn out the soles so there is no hope of a return. With this app, you will never feel that frustration again. With ShopSavvy, simply scan the barcode on your item and see prices from dozens of top online retailers. You can even add your credit card information and buy with one tap of the screen.

Grocery IQ

Going to the grocery store hungry and without a list is a sure way to spend money on items you don’t need. With this app, you can even send your hubby to the store with confidence. Scan the barcodes of items in your pantry and Grocery IQ will create a personalized list of those items. It even makes shopping easier by categorizing your items into groups. This app can also save money by showing coupons for items on your list. With Grocery IQ, your husband will never have an excuse for coming home with just beer and chips.


This app combines the price-comparison capabilities of ShopSavvy with the coupon offers of Grocery IQ. Best of all, it can be used on anything with a barcode. Just scan the code and you will instantly see if any better offers can be found. Coupons can be used to get as much as 50 percent off your purchases, saving you a significant amount of money.


Fashionistas on a budget can shop more wisely using this ingenious app. Lucky Magazine’s ShopLucky app shows users the latest fashion trends for shoes, jewelry, dresses and more. If you see something you like, just tap the screen and you can instantly see local and online availability. You don’t have to rush to the store because you can put items on hold and pick them up later in the day. Users also benefit from deals of up to 50 percent off on the items of the day.

These apps offer easy ways to save on all your essentials. As you watch gas prices rise or feel overcharged on that cashmere sweater, just pull out your smart phone and let these apps find you better deals. All it takes is a fast download and tap of the screen to start saving.

Guest Blog: Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the technology, business, and finance industries for three years. Last year Nicole decided to start saving more money. She decided to open an IRA so she could have better interest rates. She also made sure to download some apps that would help her save on a daily basis. She also checked for daily deals locally in order to save more money.

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