Audio Sound over Remote Desktop Connection

I have use various remote control software for years. VNC, remote desktop, dameware to name a few. But it is first time I discover the feature audio over remote desktop.

Remote desktop for me is only a tool to troubleshoot computer remotely. What a poor thing in enterprise environment.

Recently my office has no direct air-condition supply, says for cost saving. No choice to shift out my seat to meeting room for cleaner and air-conditioned environment.

Discover Audio over Remote Desktop

My workstation is a desktop computer. Have to leave it in the warm room. How about my frequently use applications, firefox plugins, music data?

I bring along a spare Compaq laptop to the room, and remote desktop back to my workstation. Hence this laptop act as dummy workstation.

So boring without music. Simply search in Internet and found method to enable audio over remote desktop connection.

3469789581_b926da1f24 Audio Sound over Remote Desktop Connection

Too simple, Open Remote Desktop Connection, click Option > Local Resources, select “Bring to this Computer” under remote computer sound.

Once connection established and login, you’re done. Audio sounds are stream over directly from remote computer.

My Two Cents

Audio will be a bit lagging when open huge application such as iTunes. All depends on source computer respond.

Anyway, it still a good method to stream your music database over without setup anything. Just wonder how efficient if stream over a VPN connection outside?