7 Formulas to Attractive Title

2229850269_d9e13bbb67 7 Formulas to Attractive TitleDo you know how effective is your title? Is your title attractive enough to catch your readers eye? Sometime I just flip through over 1000 titles in Google reader. I only click and read those articles with good title.

Its a must for blogger to write a good title before the contents. Sometime we just think how to make our title SEO friendly, but never think of how attractive is it.

7 Formulas to Write Attractive Title

There 7 formulas that I think is effective enough to attract a person’s attention on the title itself. Try it and see the results yourself:

1. [thing] vs [thing]

When compare between 2 things, readers understand it once at a glance.

2. Are you [anything]

A good question structure that make your readers think.

3. The Secret of [action]

Use the word “secret” to catch your readers eyes.

4. How [action] Made Me [positive result]

This formula is suitable for “how to” articles. Best for tutorial contents:

5. [number] ways to [action]

A must use formula when write for some blog tips.

6. [action] like [positive result]

This formula emphasize the important of the action, and make the action stand out!

7.Warning: [serious msg]

This method is definitely get readers high attention. Suitable for important news or announcement:

Which formula you think is the most attractive? icon_smile 7 Formulas to Attractive Title

[tips: CopyBlogger]