3 FUN Ways to Tweet

There are more and more pro-bloggers using twitter for micro blogging. Some pro-bloggers got 20k+ followers on what they tweet. I would say this is the fastest way to blog. It is also an easiest way to communicate with your friends.

Are you using twitter too? I start using twitter since months ago. I got number of increasing followers every week. Do you know there are 3 FUN ways to tweet?

1. Text Tweet

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Text tweet is the most common way. There are many softwares can help us to tweet, such as twhirl, twitter homepage, mobile twitterrific ,etc. Also, you could use your mobile phone to tweet. Tweet using mobile phone is the most FUN way among all.

2. Photo Tweet

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A picture more than a thousand words. By using photo tweet, it allows us to upload and share our photo with text description. You can login to twitpic using existing twitter account. I have tried my first photo tweet on yesterday. How about you?

I think photo tweet is the most FUN way when come to traveling seasons. Snap a nice photo and submit to twitpic to share with your followers. It automatic post your twitpic link to twitter, how nice! icon_wink 3 FUN Ways to Tweet

3. Video Tweet

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Come to the 3G age, getting more people do not want to write but see and talk. Twiddeo is a suitable tweet tool for podcaster. You may post videos with your mobile device by send them to the email address by5xf@twiddeo.com. If not, just upload videos directly from your computer. No extra account sign up, just use back your existing twitter account will do.

My two cents

In my opinion, tweet itself is a FUN although there are many ways to do it. For me, text tweet is still the most FUN way. Because I still do not have a camera phone with wifi connection. How about you? Which one do you think is the most FUN way to tweet? icon_wink 3 FUN Ways to Tweet

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