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4 Tips for Choosing the Best Mobile Internet Plan

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The mobile space has been experiencing exponential success for years now, and the mobile phone is currently the most successful and most popular gadget I can think of. The cool thing right now is that a new trend is starting; which is that of most people starting to rely on their mobile phones completely. In fact, there is a survey stating that, in some countries, over 70% of internet users access the internet using their mobile phones alone. As someone who specializes in mobile internet plans, that looks stunning, and is a sign that more people should start designing their business to capitalize on mobile visitors.

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Consider Your Bandwidth Usage First

While it is natural to think that the first step to take when trying to choose a mobile ISP is to visit a mobile service provider and inquire about their services, it is probably the last step you should take. The first step you should take, instead, should be to consider your bandwidth usage; most people pay several times the amount they are supposed to pay for mobile internet access every month, and the reason for this is simple; they are paying for bandwidth they don’t need.

Make sure you accurately calculate the bandwidth you will be using each month, and then use it to determine which ISP plan you should go for. Continue reading

The Most Wanted Keywords of The Year 2011

When come to end of the year, most of you are looking for the most wanted keywords or the most searched term in year 2011!

What come into your mind when we talk about Internet? Facebook, of course.

It is not surprise when Facebook place at top search term of the year. But was surprise me when saw Facebook terms show 4 times in the top 10 list. The various Facebook search keywords are: Facebook, Facebook login, and

Youtube place at 2nd.

  • 1. Facebook
  • 2. YouTube
  • 3. Facebook Login
  • 4. Craigslist
  • 5.
  • 6. Yahoo
  • 7. eBay
  • 8.
  • 9. Mapquest
  • 10.
I’m wondering why Google not in the list? And why do people don’t type URL directly into browser but search for it? :)

Free iPod Nano 6th Generation Replacement Program

Do you want Free iPod Nano 6th Generation? Good news for iPod Nano 1st Gen owner. Apple has launch a replacement program for all you! Some iPod Nano 1st Gen owner reported receive a box from Apple to recall back the problematic iPod Nano.

Why need Replacement Program?

The iPod Nano 1st Gen may overheat and pose safety issue. It was due to battery manufacturing defect. Apple willing to take up the responsibility even it has come to end of product, after 5 years.

Who can get Replacement?

Affected iPod nano were sold between September 2005 and December 2006. Are you one of them? Click here to check your serial number whether it is eligible for this replacement program.

If your iPod Nano is in the list, order a replacement now! Yes, it is Free. ;) Why not?

By the way, how to identify whether your iPod Nano is 1st Gen? It has a black or white plastic front and a silver metal back.

Unfortunately, I don’t see Malaysia in the country list. Anyone here has iPod Nano 1st Gen try to contact Apple Store?

8th Wedding Anniversary @ KL Trip

We now come to the end of year 2011. When looking back things I have achieve for this year, I also look back what you have done for our family. You have put lots of effort day in day out for our house, our son, our daughter and we are all happy!

Thank you and Love you My Dear Wife! ;)

This time we are going to KL for our 8th wedding anniversary. No others accompany, just both of us for this easy and relaxing holiday. Hope no flood and less traffic jam during the weekend long holiday.

Basically these are the places that I plan for the trip.

i-City SnoWalk

We will bring our own winter jacket to enjoy the freezing SnoWalk with some rides. Exciting for the snow simulation and snowball war! Also won’t forget to take sweet photos with light trees.

B Station Korean Restaurant

This year we want to try some Korean food at Ampang Water Front.

Typica Cafe

Then enjoy tea break with some handmade coffee biscuit. Yes, we are coffee lover!

Ann Beauty Care and Spa

At last, take 2 hours Balinese massage and spa at night after tired travel day! ;)

I hope everything are as plan. We said our life is pursuing more valuable memories to review at old age. Dear, Hope you do enjoy our memorable anniversary trip this year!

And bless you all have a wonderful sweet time and holidays with family!


DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

I want Digi to pick me as winner for the iPhone 4S giveaway. Why I want the iPhone 4S?

Why I Deserve the iPhone 4S?

This is why I sure win the iPhone 4S:

I want iPhone 4S to have Siri as my personal assistant. It should help organize my busy schedule more efficient. And I hope it understand what I say in Malaysian-English. Continue reading


Read carefully if you are purchasing iPhone 4S. Needless to introduce more for iPhone 4S. Let’s analyse the iPhone 4S plans available in Malaysia.

Three main Telco has launch iPhone 4S last week, and most of us faint by looking at the package list! It took me some time to compute the table below, so please share with your friends on Facebook and let all know about the price war. You won’t get confuse here.

Of course we can’t compare it right unless is Apple to Apple. But there are no same Apple here, it is like compare Royal Gala Apple and Fuji Apple, not exactly the same one but similar.

Continue reading